Karate Beginners Course April/May 2005

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The Fudoshin Karate Club hosted a Karate Beginners Course at Farnborough Leisure Centre each Wednesday evening for 6 weeks from 13/Apr/05 to 18/May/05. The course was attended by half a dozen brand new starters and was focused on giving a broad introduction to Karate for people who have no previous experience. The course cost 20 per person for six sessions lasting from 7:30pm to 9pm - some parts of the training involved the beginners working on their own and other parts of the training saw them joining in with other more experienced students.

The course content included:

Introduction to a good stretching regime

Respect for other students
Never say "Can't"

Self Defense
Grab release, arm locks

Block, punch and kicks
Kata (block and attack with an
imaginary opponent)

Fighting Basics
Punch, kicks
Punch/kick combinations
Evasion and counter attack
Punch/kick pads exercise

Pair Work
Basic Sparring (Ippon Gumite)
Semi-free sparring (Oho Kumite)
Light sparring

Introduction to 'Sport' Karate
Basic 'scoring' techniques and
Sample light sparring

We had excellent feedback from the students who all enjoyed the experience of the beginners course and gave us some ideas for improving future courses. Three of the students went on to grade and now train regularly at the Club: Ava Crook passed her 8th Kyu grading (pictured left); and Harry and Georgia Burton passed their 9th Kyu grading (pictured right).