WKF's 2005 Autumn Wado Karate Championships

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The Fudoshin Karate Club was again kindly invited by Sensei George Grimes (7th Dan Renshi) to the Autumn Wado Karate Championships for Kyu Grades at Yate Leisure Centre, Yate, Bristol on Sunday 20/Nov/05. Sensei Grimes heads the Wado-Ryu Karate-Do Federation (WKF) which organizes two competitions each year in Yate for Kyu grades. Club members have competed at these events in the past and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The Fudoshin Karate Club Team for this event included:

Mens Individual Kumite - Over 18, 9th-6th Kyu
Ed Stewart (6th Kyu) Adult

Mixed Adult Individual Kata - 15 and over, 5th-1st Kyu
James Croucher (5th Kyu) 15 years

Boys Kumite - 12-14 years, any Kyu grade
Lawrence Ash (7th Kyu) 13 years
Thomas Grigolit (8th Kyu) 14 years
Mathew Harvey (5th Kyu) 14 years

Mixed Childrens Kata - 9-14 years, 5th-1st Kyu
Mathew Harvey (5th Kyu) 14 years
Danielle Pullen (5th Kyu) 13 years

Mixed Childrens Kata - 9-14 years, 9th-6th Kyu
Lawrence Ash (7th Kyu) 13 years

Ed Stewart was competing in his 2nd WKF competition and his last in the 9th-6th Kyu adult category due to his recent grading success. Ed was unfortunate in coming up against one of the eventual finalists in his 1st fight. Ed's opposition was 6' 6" and had both reach and kick advantage. Ed fought with spirit and skill but lost the fight - although he gained a 'black-eye'!

For James Croucher (15 years) it was his first competition and he did well to overcome his nerves and complete his Kata against adult competition - ultimately he was knocked out by a significantly more experienced competitor.

The club had three entrants in the Boys Kumite (12-14 years) and all three fought extremely well. Mathew Harvey was unlucky enough to come up against the eventual winner in his first fight. Despite this stiff opposition, Mat scored the first point and went on to fight couragiously before narrowly losing. Lawrence Ash was also unlucky to be drawn against the boy who eventually came 3rd in the competition. Lawrence fought with spirit and determination and was unlucky to lose. Thomas Grigolit really shone for the club - winning his first two fights before being beaten in the Quarters Finals by the eventual 2nd place winner. Tom showed exceptional spirit in all his fights (waving away 1st Aid attention in one particular fight) most of which were against taller and more experienced fighters.

Mathew Harvey and Lawrence Ash both competed in the Childrens Kata and were up against very accomplished competitors. Neither made it through the first round but hopefully both were inspired by the quality of the opposition and will now tackle their Kata at the club with renewed enthusiasm!

Danielle Pullen was another 2nd time visitor to this competition but that experience wasn't enough to stop her going out in the first round against very strong opposition. Danielle showed focus and determination - maybe those stances could be a little bit lower.

Many thanks to: Mr Harvey for driving the boys all the way to Yate and giving them support throughout the morning; Mrs Pullen for again driving Danielle to Yate and cheering the team on; Sensei Rob Windsor for preparing the team, coaching them and cheering them all on.

All of the Fudoshin team demonstrated great spirit, determination and courage to overcome nerves and to face opposition which was typically more experienced. All of the team enjoyed themselves and they are all, no doubt, better and more prepared having met the challenge and taken part. Sensei Windsor and the rest of the club are proud of each one of you - well done!