Club Christmas Dinner December 2005

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Well it's the time of year for good cheer and friendship extended to your fellow man (or woman). So, Danielle put aside her desire to thump Ed and we all trolleyed off to our favourite Curry House, Popadoms of Cove, after training on Wed 14/Dec for the annual Club Christmas Dinner.

As always the conversation was captivating as we regaled each other with our kumite (fighting) exploits - our vanquished opponents seem to grow in number, size and ferocity each year! - and tales of kata we've executed that have been so sharp they've had a PhD from Oxford! Well that's what too much diet Coke does for you!

The staff (pictured right in 'tolerant' mode with Rob, Ed and Nick) were sympathethic to the noise we generated and a good time was had by all. I'm disappointed to say that yet again the evening wasn't spoilt by a food fight - maybe next year!

Thanks to everyone who attended and made the evening so much fun - thanks to the staff of Popadoms our favourite Curry House - and HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!