Phil Sears Passes 1st Dan 29/7/05

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Sensei Shiomitsu (8th Dan Hanshi) visited the Club on 5/Oct/05 to lead training. Sensei Shiomitsu is Chief Instructor of the Wado Academy and led the grading panel that graded Phil Sears to 1st Dan in July/05. During his Club visit Sensei kindly allowed this photo (left) to be taken with Phil and Club Lead Instructor Rob Windsor (3rd Dan) - look how new Phil's belt looks!

Phil was presented with his 1st Dan certificate by Sensei Shiomitsu at the Wado Academy Insructors Course in Wimbledon on 15/Oct/05. The picture (right) shows Phil clutching his certificate flanked by Sensei Rob Windsor and Sensei Corin Pegden (Surrey Karate).