News from Friends in Calgary

Its always good to meet new people at the Club and last year we were fortunate enough to meet Craid Fallis who was visiting Farnborough from Calgary, Canada on a business trip with GE Energy. Craig was an extremely keen, enthusiastic and energetic karateka who displayed admirable Fudoshin (Immovable Spirit) and really got 'stuck in' to the training exercises.

We recently got a welcome letter from Craig with news of a grading and competition success. He also had some kind words about the club which we'd like to share with you.

First the excellent news that Craig passed his Green belt grading - well done Craig from everyone at Fudoshin. Here's Craig with his chums at their Dojo in Calgary before the grading (left to right): Craig, Craig Fallis, Brian, and Jeff.

Members of Fudoshin regularly travel to other clubs to train - most notably Sensei Grimes' (7th Dan, Kyoshi) club in Bristol - its a great way of picking up new ideas, techniques and inspiration as well as being great to meet new people. Craig enjoyed the physical challenge at our club and its good to know that this was a positive influence, here's some words from Craig:

"One of the things things I did bring back was the knowledge of how much harder you work during your sessions, and for longer, than we do. When I stated that to one of our main instructors (and co-owner), she said that "maybe we should just kick it up a notch". I wholeheartedly agreed."

Here's a great picture of Craig with his kids and his grading partner, Jeff, with his kids as well all just about to get stuck into Pinan Shodan.

The day after his grading Craig took part in a tournament at his Club and won first place in Kata (performing Pinan Godan) and in the weapons Kata section where he did his own Kata with his own hand made Bo. Here are some pictures of Craig in the tournament:

The Fudoshin Karate Club teaches traditional Wado-Ryu Karate-Do and we use Japanese to describe techniques during lessons. Craig picked up on one of our learning incentives:

"Other changes have also happened for example an increased usage of Japanese terms-like you encourage. I don't think we will be asked to do 10 pushups if we cant figure out the terms, but I think it is a great idea for incentive. :-) I am also using some of the movements, that you showed me, here. One specific example would be in Pinan Shodan after the four shuto's to do the reverse block with a minimum effort instead of my big swooping block. I (we) can thank you for that!"

It was great to hear that Craig's working hard on his karate and making strong progress - keep it up Craig and don't forget you're always welcome at the Fudoshin Club when you come back to the UK in the future.