Winter Course February 2009

The 2009 Wado Academy Winter Course was held at the Guildford Spectrum from Wednesday 25/Feb through to Sunday 1/Mar with training each day from 10am to 2pm. The picture below shows the senior instructors who led training (listed from left to right): Sensei Meek (6th Dan Renshi); Sensei Grimes (7th Dan Kyoshi); Sensei Kobyashi (from Nichi Dai University, Japan); Sensei Shiomitsu (9th Dan Hanshi); Sensei Kazutaka Ohtsuka; and Sensei Quillian (6th Dan Renshi).

The course was attended by Rob, Nick, Phil, Leanne and Ed for the full 5 days - unfortunately Sensei Rob had family commitments on Sunday and wasn't able to make the last day - the rest of the guys will give Sensei Rob a blow by blow account of the training he missed at Wednesday's regular Club session. Here's a picture of Club members at the course (from left to right): Phil, Rob, Nick, Leanne and Ed.

The course was a great success. Each of the senior instructors got a chance to lead training up to 1200 and then after a short break we split up into groups and had different instructors for the rest of the session through to 2pm. We covered basics, pair work, kata and knife defence. Lots to refocus on, lots to practice and lots of new tips that gave us new insight into the techniques and combinations. We're all looking forward to training harder than ever at the regular club sessions.

Here's a few pictures of club members and olds friends on the last day after a great week of training: