Club Grading June 2009

Sensei Rob Windsor (3rd Dan) graded a number of Fudoshin students at Farnborough on Sun 14/June. All students were successful and deservedly passed their gradings after working hard on basics, combinations, Kata and pair work for a long time - WELL DONE! They've built a solid foundation for the next set of techniques - even more work to come - excellent! The club members who successfully passed their gradings, togther with their new grade, are listed below:

7th Kyu (Orange Belt)
Jas Kambo
Naresh Kori

8th Kyu (Yellow Belt)
Alan Jameson
Rajan Kambo

The picture below shows some of the people who successfully graded with Sensei Rob: (from left to right) Rajan Kambo, Jas Kambo, Sensei Rob, Naresh Kori and Alan Jameson. Well done to each one of you!

Here's a picture of everyone at the grading - all of them have helped those who graded over the last few months in some way: through partnering, support or coaching. In the picture are: (from left to right, back row) Sensei Nick, Rajan, Jas, Sensei Rob, Sempai Phil, Naresh, Alan and Leanne; (from left to right, front row) Stephen, David and Louise.