Bowling Night - October 2009

So, The Club Social Secretary (Leanne), finally got us all rounded-up for a night of Bowling at Farnborough Leisure Centre. Looking exceptionally cool in their bowling shoes were: Danielle, Jim, Leanne, Rob, Max, Phil and our 'honoury' karateka for the night, Mark. Sensei Rob used his incredibly flash mobile phone, MP3 player, GPS trail finder, toast maker and 'totty' spotter to take this great picture of the happy mob: Top row, left to right - Phil, Mark, Max and Jim; Bottom row, left to right - Danielle and Leanne.

It was a fun evening with everyone getting plenty of bowling over three games - here are the scores:

Danielle 75 70 77
Jim 93 99 74
Leanne 120 98 67
Rob 99 165 125
Mark 103 101 107
Max 139 126 104
Phil 152 115 129

So on the night Phil lucked-out and beat Rob by 2 games to 1 with Max putting in two credible 2nd places. But bragging rights probably should go to Rob who got the highest score of 165 and managed an unbelievable 8 strikes and 8 spares across the 3 games in his tight fitting, heavily sequinned, lycra one-piece Armani bowling outfit. Phil and Max could only manage 5 strikes and 10 spares each with Leanne producing a very credible 5 strikes and 4 spares. Everyone managed strikes on the night (Danielle 3, Jim 2) except Mark who was a bit too dazzled by Robs sequins! Here's another great picture of the crew, left to right: Max, Mark, Rob, Leanne and Danielle:

Max and Phil had come straight from seeing London Wasps muller Northampton at Adams Park to go 3rd in The Premiership - GO WASPS! You'd have thought Phil would be happy but he looks a bit upset here with Mark - the crisps must have been 'off':

Best piccy of the night must go to Jim for this action shot which demonstrates his ability to bowl and sniff his arm pits in synchronisation (at the same time Jim!) - a classic: