Club Grading December 2009

Sensei Brigadier Graham Hopkins (4th Dan) visited the club on Wednesday 9/December to lead training and grade a number of students to 1st Kyu. The training before the grading was excellent - applying some Kumite Gata techniques in general sparring.

The students who successfully passed their 1st Kyu grading were Leanne Cotterill and Jim Croucher - they both put in a lot of effort and intense training in the months leading up to the grading and thoroughly deserve their success. So, that's the last of the Kyu grades for Leanne and Jim, next is their biggest challenge yet: 1st Dan. The picture below shows: (back row, left to right) Ed, Jim; (front row, left to right) Leanne, Sensei Hopkins, Danielle.

While the grading was happening the rest of us got on with training. We're lucky enough to have Fernie with us visiting from Spain and he showed us some very practical Jujitsu to sharpen up our Goshin Ho. Here's a couple of pictures of everyone at the end of the session: