Winter Course February 2010

This years Winter Course at The Spectrum in Guildford was led by Grand Master Hironori Ohtsuka II. The five day course from Wednesday 24/Feb to Sunday 28/Feb included in depth reviews of Kata, pair work and Idori (knealing defense). Here are some pictures of the Grand Master together with Sensei Shiomitsu (9th Dan, Hanshi) and other senior instructors who made up the Dan grade panel for the course. Here's a picture of Grand Master Ohtsuka II, Sensei Shiomitsu (9th Dan Hanshi) and Sensei Quilliam (6th Dan Renshi):

Here's a picture of Sensei Meek (6th Dan Renshi), Sensei Grimes (7th Dan Kyoshi) and Sensei Kazutaka Ohtsuka:

Phil, Nick and Fernie attended all of this years course. Grand Master focused on Niseishi kata on the first day as well as some "three step" pair work. On the second day Grand Master covered Kushanku and some Idori (knealing defense). These Kata's remained the focus on Friday with Grand Master covering all aspects of the Kata in detail. On Saturday Grand Master also covered Seishan Kata. Sunday included a review of the Kata's as well as some new "one-step" pair work and Idori hand locks.

There were also two notable events on the course: Saturday was Sensei Shiomitsu and Maya's 25th Wedding Anniversary; and Sunday was Grand Masters 76th Birthday.

Here are some pictures of old and new friends on the winter course: