Farewell Fernie

So Fernie's trip to the UK came to a close on Wednesday 3/Mar with dinner with his chums from Fudoshin. Fernie's charm, sensitivity, intelligence and 'scaryness' are legendary at the club. Fernie is held in high regard by everyone and this is clearly demonstrated by the commitments that everyone put off in order to make Fernie's farewell dinner: Sensei Rob was going to wash his hair; Leanne was going to finish-off sewing sequins on her running shorts; Eric was going to have a quiet night in with the TV; Ed was going to look through his stamp collection; and Phil had a blockage in the drains to the main road sewer that he needed to look into. All sacrificed for a night out with our Spanish friend.

Some of us had far too much to drink and got a bit squify, tired and emotional:

But in general everyone had a great time and drank a series of toasts to Fernie's return!