WKF Tournament - 21/March/10

On Sunday morning, 21/Mar/10, while most of you were tucked-up in your warm duvets, Alan Jameson, David Williams, Jim Croucher and Phil Sears were up with the early birds to get to the WKF Kyu-grade tournament at Yate. Phil drove and first on the pick-up list at 6:45am was Alan, then David at a little after 7am and finally Jim at 7:20am. Jim was definately the most welcome into the car: he brought bacon sarnies for everyone - what a STAR! The Fudoshin Team were amongst the first to register at 8:30am and then it was keeping warm and waiting for the Kumite to start. Here's (left to right) Alan, David and Jim relaxing before the fighting starts:

Phil helped out with the score/time keeping and it was Alan first-up to fight in the Boys 12-13 (any grade) Kumite. Alan deservedly won his first ever tournament fight and narrowly lost his second round fight to the boy who eventually got 3rd place. If only Alan had ki-ai'd on two clear scoring techniques in his second fight it could have been him taking home at least 3rd place silver! Well done Alan - great spirit.

David was next up fighting in the Cadets (Boys 16-17, any grade) and had a barnstorming fight against an experienced brown-belt cadet. David only lost the fight by 1-2 points having accumulated a fair set of points for some outstanding kicks and great punches. David narrowly lost the 3rd place fight-off to Ash Burnham one of our Bristol chums in a fight decided by only 2 points in the final 10 seconds. Well done David you kept us on the edge of our seats for what felt like hours!

In the Mens Kumite Jim was desperately unlucky to have to fight the eventual winner in his first round fight. Jim put in a true Fudoshin display of guts against a fighter with an incredible selection of fast head-high kicks. Jim never took a step back and harried and chased his opponent to the final bell. Excellent spirit Jim - our turn for an easier draw next time.

Here's some extra pictures from the tournament. We hope to get video footage of all of Alan, David and Jim's fights on the website in the next week. WELL DONE Alan, David and Jim for representing Fudoshin so well and demonstrating great spirit, determination and guts.