Brean Sands 2010

On Friday 7/May Phil, Leanne, Jim and Ed converged on Brean Sands for another excellent weekend of karate and socialising - meeting up with old friends and making new friends. Training was led by Sensei Grimes (7th Dan Kyoshi) and Sensei Heap (7th Dan). Training started on Friday night at 7pm with an excellent warm-up by Sensei Heap and carried on till 9pm. Sensei Heap took us through basic Junzuki and Gyakuzuki and really challenged us to think about using all of our body in one movement to deliver a more effective technique. After training it was off to the "Chippy" and then down to the Pub to watch the Karaoke - Phil and Laura put their names down to sing "Copa Cobana" but gave up after waiting for more than an hour. Then is was off to the Ballroom to listen to an "Average Site Band".

Saturday morning we were all up at 7am and off to the beach for Kata (Jion), running along the beach and a final game of footie (1 - Nil to the light shirts - goal scored by our own goal hanging Phil). Training started at 9:30am through to 1:30pm. Sensei Grimes took us through all of the Pinan Kata's and we tried out lots of applications. It really got the gray-matter going when we were told to apply the Kata's for ourselves - keep practicing!

Saturday evening was FANTASTIC! After a long sleep in the afternoon we headed into Weston for a very good curry and a great evening of taking the 'Mick' of of each other - excellent! Then it was back to the Ballroom in Brean to checkout some incredible fancy dress outfits - check 'em out (the Smurfs rock!):

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