Bowling Night - August 2010

Almost a year after our last Club Bowling Night and The Club Social Secretary (Leanne), finally got us organised for Round Two ("the smell of fear") on Sunday 8/Aug/10 at Farnborough Leisure Centre Bowling. It was another great night with some awesome bowling - Sensei Rob's performance in his new Extra-Stretch bowling pants was awesome: "They eliminate pinching and uncomfortable squeezing when bowling", Rob commented - David was inches away from taking out a supporting roof column that could have brought the evening to an abrupt end! - Oh, and Jim and Max got totally whooped by Natalie and Phil in the last game! Here's a great picture of everyone at the end (except Ed who had to leave early), from left to right: Robyn, Natalie, Max, Rob, Phil, Jim, Danielle, Leanne, Hywel, David and Nick:

Here are some great action shots - checkout the style!

Click here to see more photos and the scores.