Club Darts Night

On Sunday 20/Feb it was off to The Highwayman in Yateley for a last minute club darts night. We'd spent ages trying to get everyone lined-up for a convenient date and in the end we just decided to go with as many as could turn-up! It was a great night - enjoyed by all. Players included: 13 (aka Robmiester), Jumblee (Jim), Tarquin (Phil), The Greek (Fernie), L.A. (that's Leanne to you) and How (alias Hywel).

There were some amazing 'stances' on display on the Ocky, check them out:

What a bunch:

Out of the four games finished it was two games all to 13 and Tarquin so the trophy was shared! That means we've got an excuse to do it all over again!