Wado Academy Instructors Course April 2011

On Saturday 16/Apr Rob, Nick and Phil travelled to Wimbledon to attend the first day of the Wado Academy Instructors Course led by Sensei Shiomitsu (9th Dan Hanshi Shihan). The first day focused on Bassai kata, its application and involved a detailed review of key movements in the kata. After the training it was down to 'The Slug' pub in Wimbledon for a buffet dinner and a chance to catch-up with old friends. Here's a picture of Sensei Shiomitsu with Sensei Arthur Meek (7th Dan):

Here's a picture of everyone who attended the first day of training (can you spot Rob and Nick?):

The second day of training on Sunday 17/Apr had us focusing on trying to move with as relaxed a body as possible. We then practiced Kihon Gumite number one and focused on getting the Na Ga Su movement as right as possible. It was an excellent course and everyone got a lot out of it.