Sensei Rob's Stag November 2012

Pedicure's were cancelled, AA meetings avoided, wedding anniversaries forgotten and Doctors appointments cancelled (even though that rash is definately looking worse) just so Sensei Rob's posse could assemble on Sat 24/Nov to celebrate Rob's Stag. An action packed day included paintballing, karting, a curry and a few Sherbets - well done Jimmy for organising such a good day. Here's a nice cheesy picture of everyone exhausted after a great day and some well earned beers:

Here's some pictures from the paintballing. There were some stella performances: Rob diving through a bus window at a full sprint to win a game in less that 15 seconds!; Captain Jack grabbing the winning flag, with no ammo in his own gun and braving a hail of paintball pellets that makes 'Rambo' look like a wimp.

The karting was enjoyed by all - the track was very slippy so there were some great drifting demos - here's a selection of photos from the afternoon:

And now for a well deserved beer and curry: