Grading at Yateley School, Thursday 3-April 2014

Sensei Rob Windsor (3rd Dan) vistited the Yateley School Karate Club on Thursday, 3-Apr 2014, to lead training and take gradings for a significant number of people in the Club. All who registered for a grading passed - here's the list of people who were successful in their gradings:

5th Kyu (Blue Belt)
Mark Joslyn
Ben Martin

6th Kyu (Green Belt)
Kevin Wadge

7th Kyu (Orange Belt)
Georgia Bickerstaff
Oliver Ross
Emily Ross

8th Kyu (Yellow Belt)
Sam Rayner
Paul Ross

9th Kyu (Red Belt)
Jimmy Littlechild

Here's some pictures from the grading and of the students being congratulated on their grading success by Sensei Rob: