Archived News Items

WKF Spring Course in Majorca:
On Sat 3-May Phil and Jim flew off to Majorca for the 3rd WKF Spring Course in Can Picafort in Majorca led by Sensei George Grimes (8th Dan Kyoshi). There were 5 days of training from Sunday through to Friday covering many aspects of Wado. The training was fantastic and it was great to catch-up with old friends on the beach and in the Barracuda bar in the evening - an awesome week. (May 2014)

Jim completes the London Marathon:
Congratulations to our own Jim Croucher who completed the London Marathon on Sunday 13/Apr in a very respectable time of 3 hours and 48 mins - he pushed Mo Farah all the way! Jim really put the miles in for this Marathon and didn't miss any karate training sessions despite the intensive running training - well done Jim. (April 2014)

Congratulations Mark and Ben:
Congratulations to Mark Joslyn and Ben Martin who both passed their 6th Kyu (green belt) grading at Yateley School Karate Club on Thursday 12/Dec in front of Sensei Rob Windsor. Both have trained hard and thoroughly deserve their success. (Dec 2013)

2013 Christmas Dinner:
On Monday 9/Dec Sensei Rob gave us a typical Christmas training session full of cheer, lung bursting effort and sweat! Then it was off to The White Lion in Yateley for an excellent Turkey roast Christmas lunch and an entertaining evening surrounded by friends. (December 2013)

Well done Georgia, Emily and Oliver:
Well done Georgia Bickerstaff, Emily Ross and Oliver Ross who all passed their 8th Kyu Grading at Yateley School Karate Club on Thursday 21/Nov. They've all been working extremely hard and thoroughly deserved their passes - Well done all! (November 2013)

A new Era begins:
On Wed 27/Mar the Fudoshin Karate Club held its last training session in Farnborough. A traditional Wado Ryu karate club had been present in Farnborough for more than 30 years. But the club are excited about a new Era as training sessions move to Yateley Manor School on Monday evenings. (March 2013)

Sensei Rob and Leighann's Wedding:
On Friday 7/Dec the great and the good assembled at St James Church in Bramley to celebrate the wedding of our own Sensei Rob and Leighann. It was a great day followed by an awesome knees-up. Congratulations Rob and Leighann. (December 2012)

2012 Christmas Dinner:
After training on Wednesday 12/Dec it was off to Zizzi's in Camberley for the traditional Fudoshin Christmas Dinner. It was a great way to end a very exciting, happy and successful year for the Club. Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2013. (December 2012)

Support Karate for the Olympics 2020:
Find out how you can support the WKF's bid to get Karate into the 2020 Olympics at the following website:

Sensei Rob's Stag:
Saturday 24/Nov was an action packed weekend as Sensei Rob's posse assembled to celebrate his Stag. It was a great day, well organised and great fun - paintballing, karting, curry, a few pints and great company. Thanks to Jimmy for organising a great day. (November 2012)

Grading Success:
Sensei Rob held a grading at the club on Wednesday 19/Sept. Congratulations to Rachel and Thomas Ferguson who passed their 9th Kyu grading and to Mark Joslyn and Justin Thomas who passed their 8th Kyu grading - Congratulations all! (September 2012)

Congratulations Leanne and Hywel:
Best wishes to our own Leanne Cotterill who married Hywel at St Peters Church, Farnborough on Saturday 1/Sept to become Mrs Jones. We wish Mr & Mrs Jones well on their honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico and we look forward to welcoming "Jonesy" back to training. (September 2012)

Guides try out Karate:
The 4th Cove Guide Unit tried out karate this month with Sensei Rob providing two introduction lessons on Wednesday 18th and 25th of January. Hopefully it gave the girls a taster of what karate's about and they had some fun as well. (January 2012)

No wait! Jim's the Darts Champion:
Jim gave a Masterclass at a recent Club darts night and won the Club Trophy with a sublime display of clinical darts. Poor old Fernie didn't have time to polish the trophy before he had to hand it over to the new Champ!

2011 Christmas Dinner:
Members of the club had Christmas dinner at Chiquito's in Camberley after a great end of year training session on Wed 21/Dec. The first training session in the new year will be on Wed 4/Jan - have a great holiday break! (December 2011)

Fernie is the new Darts Champion:
Sometimes events happen that just can't be explained. Recently an event of just this kind occurred at a Fudoshin darts night in The Highwayman: Fernie beat all comers to win the Fushoshin Karate Club Darts Trophy - enough said!

Get well soon Nick:
On Wednesday 15/Jun Nick had his hip operation at Frimley Park and we popped in to see him on Thursday evening - as you can imagine Nick was in excellent spirits and raring to get home - we all wish Nick the very best for a speedy recovery and we look forward to seeing at the club again soon. (June 2011)

Sensei Shiomitsu Leads Training:
Sensei Shiomitsu (9th Dan, Hanshi Shihan) visited the club on Wednesday 15/Jun to lead training. The session focused on more relaxed body movement, Pinan Yodan and some excellent pair work. Sensei next visit is on 23/Nov - make sure you put the date in your diaries. (June 2011)

Academy Instructors Course:
Rob, Nick and Phil attended the Wado Academy Instructors Course at Wimbledon led by Sensei Shiomitsu (9th Dan, Hanshi Shihan) over the weekend Sat-Sun 16-17/Apr. It was an excellent course with instructors attending from all over Europe. (April 2011)

Midweek Grading:
Sensei Hopkins (5th Dan) graded three Fudoshin students - Emma Beetschen, Natalie Sears and Max Sears - on Wednesday 23/March and they all passed. Well done Emma, Natalie and Max! (March 2011)

Leanne's Birthday Darts:
On Sunday 27/March it was everyone down to The Highwayman in Yateley for a darts evening to celebrate Leanne's 21st Birthday (Yet again!) - what could possibly go wrong: unless someone decided to spoil her night and win all the games! (March 2011)

No Sunday Training Session until further notice:
There will be no Sunday morning (10:30 - 12) training sessions at Farnborough Leisure Centre after Sunday 27/Mar. Phil is currently looking for an alternate venue for training. Once we've found a new venue Sunday morning training will be resumed. (March 2011)

Sensei Hopkins awarded 5th Dan:
Congratulations to Sensei Graham Hopkins of the Jion club in Aldershot who was awarded 5th Dan by Sensei Shiomitsu (9th Dan, Hanshi Shihan) on Sat 8/Jan in Wimbledon - congratulations from everyone at Fudoshin. (January 2011)

Successful Darts evening:
On Sunday 20/Jan it was off to The Highwayman in Yateley for an evening of fine dining (cheesy chips), whitty discourse and exceptional darts! Although Sky Sports failed to turn-up to cover the event - fun was had by all! (January 2011)

White turns Yellow:
On Wednesday 1/Dec Bradley and Michael White successfully passed their 8th Kyu (Yellow Belt) grading. Both have been training hard for many weeks and Bradley in particular looked extremely sharp - keep it up! (December 2010)

2010 Christmas Dinner:
On Thursday 16/Dec members of the club decended on Frankie & Bennys in Camberley for the Club Christmas Dinner. The food was great, the company was better and the jokes were the same - Happy Christmas All! (December 2010)

Club Bowling Night: Attendance for the Club's Bowling night was so good one club member remarked: "Maybe we should turn the club into a bowling club - we'd get a better turn out for training!" Find out more. (August 2010)

Celebrations for Nick: Karateka from the Jion, Fudoshin and Farnham clubs had dinner to celebrate Nick Mugridge's 50th birthday and to congratulate Nick on 34 years of dedicated karate training. Everyone had a great time and Nick got plenty of cards, kisses, hand shakes and some excellent pressies! (June 2010)

Sensei Shiomitsu Visits the Club: Sensei Shiomitsu (9th Dan Hanshi Shihan) visited the club at Farnborough on Wednesday 16/June to lead training - find out more. (June 2010)

Brean Sands Fun: Phil, Leanne, Jim and Ed travelled down the M4/5 to Brean Sands for the 20th WKF Spring Course and the 7th attended by members of Fudoshin, Farnborough. It was another outstanding weekend. (May 2010)

Marathon Success: On Sunday 18/Apr Sensei Rob and Leanne successfully completed the inaugural Brighton Marathon for the benefit of two well deserving charities. They trained for ages leading up to the Marathon and showed true grit on the day - well done both! (April 2010)

Yate WKF Tournament: On Sunday 21/March: Jim Croucher, David Williams and Alan Jameson had an early start and a trip to Yate to compete at the WKF Kyu Grade tournament representing Fudoshin. They all did the club proud - find out more. (March 2010)

Grand Master Leads the Winter Course: Grand Master Hironori Ohtsuka II visited the UK to lead the Academy Winter course at The Spectrum in Guildford from Wednesday 24/Feb to Sunday 28/Feb. Find out how Phil, Nick and Fernie got on at the course. (February 2010)

David passes 7th Kyu: David Williams passed his 7th Kyu grading on Wednesday 24/Feb after a lot of hard work and regular training. Well done David, Green belt next! (February 2010)

Danielle passes 1st Kyu: On Wednesday 3/Feb Sensei Brigadier Hopkins visited Farnborough to grade Danielle Pullen. Danielle put in a lot of extra work leading up to the grading which was well worth it as she passed her 1st Kyu grading. (February 2010)

Farewell Fernie: After training on Wednesday 3/Mar we went out to dinner to say farewell to Fernie who's been visiting the UK for a month: catching-up with old friends, training at Jion in Aldershot, attending the Winter course and of course training with his friends at Fudoshin. (March 2010)

Midweek Grading: Sensei Brigadier Hopkins (4th Dan) visited the club on Wednesday 9/December to lead trading and grade some of our students to 1st Kyu. Find out how they got on and how the training went. (December 2009)

Christmas Dinner: After a challenging and exhausting session from Sensei Rob it was off down to Zizzi's in Camberley for the Clubs Christmas Dinner with old friends and new. As always there were some great tales, ripping yarns and the same old jokes. (December 2009)

Sensei Shiomitsu Visits Farnborough: Sensei Shiomitsu (9th Dan, Hanshi) visited the Farnborough club on Wednesday 25/November to lead training. It was another outstanding session which everyone learned from - Sensei will visit us again in the summer next year. (December 2009)

WKF Kyu Grade Competition: A fair number of club members made it down the M4 to Yate, Bristol to support three of our karateka who were fighting in the Autumn WKF Kyu grade competition. Find out how Leanne, Jim and Ed got on. (December 2009)

Successful Sunday Grading: Sensei Windsor conducted a grading at the Farnborough club on Sunday 8/Nov. All of the students who took gradings had been working hard for months leading up to the grading and their hard work paid off as they all passed. They all thoroughly deserved to pass and can now move on and look to step-up their karate for the next level. Congratulations to: Alan Jameson, Jas Kambo, Naresh Kori, Max Sears, Natalie Sears and David Williams. (November 2009)

Bowling Night: Seven members of the club went Bowling at Farnborough Leisure Centre on Sunday 4/Oct and had a blast! There was under-arm, over-arm and dual-arm bowling on display but there was only ever going to be one winner. Find out more in our report and checkout the action pictures. (October 2009)

Weekend training at Brean: For the sixth year in a row Club members headed to Brean for the annual WKF course led by Sensei Grimes (7th Dan Kyoshi). It was great meeting up with old friends, the training was excellent and the cooking on Saturday was 'Master Chef' material. (May 2009)

Sensei Shiomitsu Leads Training: Sensei Shiomitsu (9th Dan, Hanshi) visited the Farnborough club on Wednesday 24/June to lead training. Beginners and experienced students all enjoyed the class and got deeper insight into their karate. Sensei next visits us 24/November so make sure its in your diary. (June 2009)

More Sunday Grading Success: Sensei Windsor conducted a grading at the club on Sunday 14/June. All students passed reflecting all the hard work they've put in since their last grading in Feb. Well done: Alan Jameson, Jas Kambo, Rajan Kambo and Naresh Kori. (June 2009)

Winter Course in Guildford: Five members of the club - Rob, Nick, Phil, Leanne and Ed - made it to this years winter course in Guildford with Sensei's Shiomitsu, Kobayashi, Kazutaka Ohtsuka, Grimes and Meek. The course was excellent and each day was full of reminders, great training, new information and practise with old friends. (February 2009)

Chef Rob: Check out Sensei Rob's recent award for outstanding contribution to cheese on toast. (May 2009)

Sunday Grading Success: Sensei Windsor conducted a grading at the club on Sunday 1/Feb - all of the students were successful: Alan Jameson, Jas Kambo, Rajan Kambo, Naresh Kori, Lewis Thuy, Mazy Wiltshire and Robyn Windsor. (February 2009)

Training with Wayne Otto OBE: Phil, Leanne and Ed went to the annual training session with 9 times World Champion Wayne Otto OBE organised by the Haslemere Karate Club in Aldershot on Sun 18/Jan. Sensei Rob managed to take some excellent photos. (January 2009)

News from Friends in Calgary: Last year we were joined in training by Craig Fallis who was visiting Farnborough from Calgary, Canada on business with GE Energy. Craig certainly got stuck into the sessions and enjoyed a good sweat like the rest of us. We were delighted to receive an email from Craig recently with news of his grading success and with some positive feedback about our Club. (January 2009)

Club Christmas Dinner 2008: After a final training session for 2008 on Wed 17/Dec club members hurried off for the annual Xmas dinner at Zizzi's in Camberley. Check out the photos of the evening - what a bunch! (December 2008)

Sensei Shiomitsu visits the club: On Wed 10/Dec Sensei Shiomitsu (9th Dan, Hanshi) visited the Club at Farnborough to lead training. Check out the pictures of training. (December 2008)

Congratulations Leanne and Ed: Sensei Hopkins (4th Dan) visited Fudoshin on Wed 3/Dec to judge Leanne Cotterill and Ed Stewart's 2nd Kyu gradings. All their hard work was rewarded as they both passed - well done Leanne and Ed! (December 2008)

Ed Stewart competes in WKF Tournament: Ed Stewart travelled down to Yate, Bristol to compete in the WKF Autumn Kyu-grade tournament. Sensei Rob Windsor supported Ed at the tournament and was pleased with Ed's performance. (November 2008)

Training with Sensei Kazutaka: Three members of the club were lucky enough to train with Sensei Kazutaka Ohtsuka in Bristol on Fri 18/Jul/08 before the Summer Course. (July 2008)

Sensei Shiomitsu visits Farnborough: Sensei Shiomitsu (9th Dan Hanshi) led training at Farnborough on Wednesday 18/Jun - check out the pictures of Sensei with all members of the club. (June 2008)

Grading Success: Six club members from Farnborough successfully passed their gradings recently on Wed 21/May/08. (May 2008)

Winter course with Grandmaster Ohtsuka II: Grandmaster Ohtsuka II led training at the Winter course at the Guildford Specrum from Sat 23/Feb/08 to Wed 27/Feb/08. (February 2008)

Brean Sands Course: Four members of the club did the annual pilgrimage to Brean Sands over the weekend 10-11/May for an excellent course led by Sensei Grimes 7th Dan Kyoshi. The weather was great and we had a great time in and out of the dojo. (May 2008)

New Sunday Training Session at 10am: Phil will be running a new training session every Sunday from 10am to 11:30am starting on 25/May at Farnborough - this gives you an extra opportunity to train and speed-up your development - we look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible. (May 2008)

Grading Success: Ten club members from Farnborough and Basingstoke successfully passed their gradings recently on Wed 5/Dec/08. (December 2008)

Christmas dinner: After the gradings on Wed 5/Dec/07 we all went to Zizzi's in Camberley to celebrate everyones success in their gradings and reflect on another years hard training. Check out pictures of the Fudoshin 'posse' enjoying their well earned Chrismas meal. (December 2007)

Grading Success: Four club members from Farnborough and Basingstoke successfully passed their gradings recently on Wed 20/Dec/06. Those successful in their gradings were: Danielle Pullen, Mathew Harvey, James Croucher and Laurence Ash. (December 2006)

Nick Mugridge awarded Third Dan: Sensei Shiomitsu (9th Dan, Hanshi) led training at the Jion Club in Aldershot on Tues 12/Dec/06. At the end of the session Sensei Shiomitsu awarded 3rd Dan to Nick Mugridge. Nick has trained and instructed at Farnborough for many years and the whole of the Club is delighted with the award and wish Nick hearty congratulations. (December 2006)

Congratulations Sensei Shiomitsu - Ninth Dan: At the recent Instructors Course (Sat 14/Oct/06) - attended by Rob, Nick and Phil - Sensei Shiomitsu announced that he has been awarded 9th Dan by Grandmaster Ohtsuka II. This is a superb achievement and reflects Sensei Shiomitsu's truely amazing capabilities. Members of the Fudoshin Club extend a warm congratulations to Sensei Shiomitsu. (October 2006)

Kyu Grade Competition Farnham: Fudoshin club members competed in a local Kata and Kumite competition at the Wado Academy Farnham Club on Sunday 24/Sept/06. The club team included: James (Jim) Croucher, Ed Stewart and Laurence Ash. All of them were a credit to the Club - check out the pictures of our guys in their competitions. (September 2006)

Grading Success: Ten club members from Farnborough and Basingstoke successfully passed their gradings recently. Those successful in their gradings were: Danielle Pullen, Mathew Harvey, James Croucher, Ed Stewart, Laurence Ash, Benjamin Selwyn, George Squire, Georgia Burton, Harry Burton and Jade Woolford. (May 2006)

Brean Sands Training Course: Four club members made the trip along the M4/M5 again this year for the annual WKF Spring training course led by Sensei George Grimes (7th Dan Renshi) at Pontins Brean Sands. Check out how the course went and to see the 'Mexicans'! (May 2006)

Grand Master Leads Winter Course: Grand Master Ohtsuka II led training on the Wado Academy Winter Course at The Spectrum, Guildford from Sat 18/Feb thro' to Wed 22/Feb. Check out more and see pictures of the Grand Master. (February 2006)

Club Christmas Dinner: We had a good turnout for the Club Christmas Dinner on Wed 14/Dec at our favourite Curry House. Once again the conversation was stimulating (!), intellectual (!) and facinating! Read the report for pictures and to find if there was a food fight! (December 2006)

Ed Stewart turns Blue! Congratulations to Ed Stewart who passed his Blue belt (5th Kyu) on 22/Nov/05 - well done, purple belt next! (November 2006)

Members compete in Bristol WKF competition: Six members of the club made their way to Bristol for the November/05 WKF competition - . Participants included: Lawrence Ash, James Croucher, Thomas Grigolit, Mathew Harvey, Danielle Pullen and Ed Stewart. (November 2006)

Sensei Shiomitsu visits Farnborough: Sensei Shiomitsu (8th Dan Hanshi) led training at Farnborough on Wed 5/Oct/05. Sensei led basics practice before students paired-up to try a number of new combinations. Sensei finished off with Kata practice - Pinan Sandan. Picture of Sensei with the Students. (October 2006)

International Wado Championships: A number of Club members went to the recent International Championships in Reading which also celebrated the 40 years that Sensei Shiomitsu has been teaching in Europe. All were impressed by the quality of competition - the Kata was excellent but the quality of the Kumite was particularly inspiring. (September 2005)

Grand Master Ohtsuka II Visits in February '06: Club members are reminded that Grand Master Ohtsuka II will be leading the Winter Course next Feb. Make a point of putting this in your diaries now so you don't forget! (Sept 05)

A new Dan Grade in the Club: Phil Sears passed his 1st Dan at the recent Academy Summer course after a lot of hard work and not a few trips to Bristol to train with his grading partner Paul Burnham (who also passed 1st Dan) under the watchful eye of Sensei George Grimes. Check out Phil with certificate and proud Sensei's. (July 2005)

Successful Beginners Course: In April thro' May the Club ran a 6 week beginners course - check out the details of the course. (April 2005)

Dan Grading Success for Sensei's Hopkins and Windsor: After a significant amount of hard training our local Sensei's - Brigadier Graham Hopkins and Rob Windsor - passed their gradings on the Winter Course. Graham becoming 4th Dan and Rob becoming 3rd Dan - well done to both! (February 2005)