Special Features

2009 Autumn WKF Tournament

A fair number of club members made it down the M4 to Yate, Bristol to support three of our karateka who were fighting in the Autumn WKF Kyu grade competition. Find out how Leanne Cotterill, Jim Croucher and Ed Stewart got on. Click here to find out more.

2008 Autumn WKF Tournament

Ed Stewart travelled down to Yate, Bristol to compete in the WKF Autumn Kyu-grade tournament. Sensei Rob Windsor supported Ed at the tournament and was pleased with Ed's performance. Click here to find out more.

2006 Farnham Kyu Grade Competition

On Sunday 24/Sept/06 three members of the Fudoshin Club took part in a kyu Grade competition at Farnham. Members of the Wado Academy came from clubs in Farnham, Haslemere, Aldershot and Wimbledon as well as our own Fudoshin clubs in Farnborough and Basingstoke to compete. James Croucher, Ed Stewart and Laurence Ash represented the Club. Click here to read a report of the competition and to see our team in action!

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2005 Autumn Wado Karate Championships

The Wado-Ryu Karate Federation (headed by Sensei George Grimes, 7th Dan, Renshi) held it's 2005 Autumn Wado Karate Championships on Sunday 20/Nov/05 at Yate Leisure Centre, Bristol. The Fudoshin Karate Club submitted a team of six members to compete in five events. Click here to read a detailed report of how the team got on - the team included: Lawrence Ash, James Croucher, Thomas Grigolit (pictured left in the red belt), Mathew Harvey, Danielle Pullen and Ed Stewart.

Karate Beginners Course April/May 2005

The Fudoshin Karate Club hosted a Karate Beginners Course at Farnborough Leisure Centre each Wednesday evening for 6 weeks from 13/Apr/05 to 18/May/05. The course was attended by half a dozen brand new starters. All enjoyed the course and saw it through to the end - some went on to grade. Click here to find out more about what was covered on the course. The Club is planning another Beginners Course in early 2006, so if you are interested please contact the Club to find out more (see the "Contacts and Services" section of the website).